Here you can find my current research publications. The list include both free and premium research reports. This page will be updated as a new publication is published.

Premium publications

Gartner Research Note: Expand Into the Digital Touchpoint With Infrastructure Services at and Beyond the Edge
Gartner Research Note: Predicts 2019: Increasing Reliance on Cloud Computing Transforms IT and Business Practices
Gartner Research Note: Tech CEOs Must Exploit 3 Cloud Technologies to Empower Business Initiatives at the Digital Touchpoint
Gartner Research Note: IaaS Tech CEOs Must Embrace APIs to Offer Greater Customer Business Value
Gartner Research Note: Predicts 2019: IT Services Providers Must Prepare for an AI-First Service Strategy
Gartner Research Note: Tech CEOs Must Exploit the Public Cloud IaaS Shared Responsibility Model to Their Advantage
Gartner Research Note: Market Insight: Deliver Infrastructure Services Beyond the Edge Directly to the Digital Touchpoint
Gartner Research Note: Market Insight: How Tech CEOs Can Position and Promote Services in the New World of Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud
Gartner Research Note: How to Invest in Intelligent Automation as a Data Center Outsourcing Provider
Gartner Research Note: Find Revenue Opportunities by Transforming Into an API-Powered Digital Infrastructure Platform
Gartner Research Note: Leverage 5 Cloud Technologies to Stay Relevant in the World of Digital Business Services
Report: The state of Europe’s homegrown cloud market

Free publications

Gartner Blog Network – December 14, 2018: Public Cloud Infrastructure Operations and Management Is a Shared Responsibility Model
Gartner Blog Network – October 15, 2018: It’s a Matter of Proximity: Go Beyond the Edge Directly to the Digital Touchpoint in Support of Digital Business
Gartner Blog Network – September 24, 2018: Bypass Data Center Outsourcing Competition Smartly with Intelligent Automation Services
Gartner Blog Network – September 17, 2018: Infrastructure Service Providers Cannot “Simply Survive” with “Simple” Infrastructure Services
Gartner Blog Network – September 8, 2018: Who Drives Digital Business From the Cloud Through the Edge to the Digital Touchpoint?
Gartner Blog Network – August 22, 2018 : Service Providers Must Act Now to Stay Relevant in a Cloud-First World!
INSIGHTS Paper: Automation concepts and solutions for IT operations (BMC Bladelogic vs. IPsoft IPCenter vs. arago AutoPilot)
INSIGHTS Report: arago released AutoPilot Community Edition and announced Knowledge Community TabTab
INSIGHTS Report: Hosted Private Cloud – Open source cloud computing with openQRM
INSIGHTS Report: TecArt-CRM Mobile – Modular “All-in-One Business Suite” from the Cloud
INSIGHTS Report: Security Comparison: TeamDrive vs. ownCloud
INSIGHTS Paper: Business-Bricks-as-a-Service (BBaaS) – Business Building Blocks in the Cloud
INSIGHTS Paper: Enterprise App Store in the Cloud – Virtual Private Enterprise App Store (VPEAS)
INSIGHTS Paper: Software-as-a-Service: Why your application belongs to the cloud as well
INSIGHTS Paper: Your cloud computing strategy – The use case is the starting point
CHECKLIST: Check a Cloud Computing provider for authenticity

A INSIGHTS Paper considered from a strategic point of view the market or a technology and its progress. A INSIGHTS Report on the other hand, is focussed inter alia on the products and solutions from vendors in a particular context.